ESG data
At your service

Our state-of-the-art AI software sources, extracts, and enhances ESG data from corporations around the world.


Streamline your operations with direct file access through our secure licensing. Ideal for both internal documentation and client-facing applications, our system ensures that you can always access and share your licensed content efficiently and securely.

Offline Access
Access files anytime without internet connectivity, ideal for unreliable network environments.

Cost Efficiency
Bulk file transfers are often cheaper and faster than frequent API calls, suitable for large datasets.

Robust Security
Advanced measures protect your files from unauthorized access.

Efficient Distribution
Streamline sharing across teams or with clients, enhancing collaboration.


Unlock the potential of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data integration with our comprehensive API access. Whether you’re looking to enhance your internal systems or extend services externally, our APIs provide real-time, accurate ESG metrics tailored to your needs.

Internal & External Integration
Easily integrate ESG data with both your internal systems and external services.

Real-Time Data Access
Access the latest ESG data instantly to enable timely decision-making.

Customizable Requests
Filter and specify ESG data points to meet precise requirements.

Enhanced Security
Secure your data exchanges with advanced encryption and authentication protocols.

Enhance your products with our ESG data for exceptional client value

Enhanced Product Offering

Elevate your current offerings by integrating our comprehensive ESG data into your products and solutions. Offer your clients enriched data solutions that combine your expertise (eg. Financial) with our cutting-edge ESG insights, ensuring they receive the most relevant and impactful information to drive their decisions.

Gain competitive edge

Stand out in the marketplace by offering unique ESG data solutions. Our data helps you provide added value to your clients, distinguishing your services from competitors and positioning you as a leader in innovative data solutions within your industry.

Dedicated support

Benefit from our dedicated support designed to strengthen your team. From seamless integration processes to ongoing technical support, we ensure you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully market and sell ESG data solutions.